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Abu Garcia Vendetta Rods

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Abu Garcia Vendetta Rods, factory balancing a rod is no top-secret science; it?s simply an extra step most manufactures choose to ignore. The Vendetta series of rods are precisely balanced to meet the weight and specifications of the Revo and Soron reels from Abu Garcia.

A counterbalance system in the handle creates the perfect harmony between rod and reel, allowing for greater sensitivity and control without the undue fatigue caused by an unbalanced blank

  • Fuji Soft-Touch Reel Seats firmly hold the reel in place and provide increased comfort
  • Pac Bay Zirconium Coated Deep Pressed Frame Guides create smooth, long casts
  • 30-Ton Graphite Construction provides durability in a lightweight
  • High Density EVA Handle for superior comfort and durability
  • Eye-catching Red Double Anodized Aluminum Reel Screw Down provides the ultimate in reel seat lock down
  • Factory tuned to Revo and Soron reels
  • Laser etched Abu Garcia crest on butt cap
  • Convenient Texas rigged hook keeper
  • Casting
    Model No. Line Lb./Test Lure Wt./Oz. Rod Length Rod Power
    VTC76-7 12-25 3/8 - 1 1/2 7ft. 6in. Heavy
    VTC76-6 12-25 3/8 - 1 3/8 7ft. 6in. Medium Heavy
    VTC73-7 12-25 3/8-1 1/2 7ft. 3in. Heavy
    VTC73-6 10-20 1/2-1 3/8 7ft. 3in. Medium Heavy
    VTC70-6 10-20 1/2-1 3/8 7ft. 0in. Medium Heavy
    VTC70-5 8-17 1/4-5/8 7ft. 0in. Medium
    VTC69-6 12-17 3/16-5/8 6ft. 9in. Medium Heavy
    VTC66-6 12-20 3/16-5/8 6ft. 6in. Medium Heavy
    VTC66-5 8-15 1/4-5/8 6ft. 6in. Medium
    VTC63-5 10-17 3/8-1/2 6ft. 3in. Medium
    Model No. Line Lb./Test Lure Wt./Oz. Rod Length Rod Power
    VTS74-5 8-12 1/8-3/8 7ft. 4in. Medium
    VTS70-6 8-15 3/16-3/4 7ft. 0in. Medium Heavy
    VTS70-5 6-12 1/8-3/8 7ft. 0in. Medium
    VTS69-4 6-10 1/8-1/2 6ft. 9in. Medium Light
    VTS66-6 8-15 3/16-5/8 6ft. 6in. Medium Heavy
    VTS66-5 6-12 1/8-1/2 6ft. 6in. Medium
    VTS63-5 8-12 1/8-3/8 6ft. 3in. Medium

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