AimCam Pro 2 Shooting glasses with camera

AimCam Pro 2 Shooting glasses with camera

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The AimCam Pro 2 includes:

  • AimCam Pro 2 in black or camo (including all standard accessories)
  • Transcend micro SD card class 10

The AimCam Pro 2 has a state of the art Sony Full HD 8MP CMOS micro camera which has been optimised with increased iris response and anti-bloom functions, helping you to capture perfect video when looking into challenging or rapidly changing light conditions. The Sony camera lens has a 62-degree field of view (FOV) which has been designed to replicate the human eye making objects and targets appear at the correct perspective. The camera is capable of recording 1080P Full HD at 30FPS and 720P HD at 60FPS (perfect for slow motion analysis).

The AimCam Pro 2 is has a TR90 and glass re-enforced nylon plastic frame making it super durable in all conditions and environments. It comes with 3 pairs of high impact interchangeable 2mm thick lenses in yellow, clear and black all with a rating of Z87+/EN166F. The lenses also have side guards for extra protection from stray particles and BB pellets when playing airsoft. All three lenses are also UV400 offering 100% UV protection.

The AimCam Pro 2 has an internal WiFi chip which allows you to live stream your point of view directly to the AimCam APP on IOS and Android mobile devices. The live stream is the perfect tool for calibrating your line of sight but also great for coaching, training or just having fun. Here is more information about the AimCam APP

The AimCam Pro 2 has an internal battery which will last between 1.5 to 2 hours depending on your settings and environmental conditions. However, you can also buy the AimCam reloaded powerpack which will give you an additional 4-5 hours+ of runtime. 

AimCam has been engineered to allow you to capture footage essentially as your eye sees it, our fully adjustable camera system allows you to specifically calibrate the AimCam camera for any line of sight, firearm, stance or mount. Typically, wide-angle head, cap or helmet cameras (GoPro) have a skewed angle as they are not adjustable, also the wide angle makes everything appear much further away. We have designed the lenses of our 1080P full HD micro camera to reflect the same field of view as the human eye creating a much more immersive video experience.

Unlike under barrel cameras, AimCam allows you to capture your true sight picture, you do not shoot your firearm from under the barrel you shoot from your eye, so your camera system should reflect this. Under barrel cameras will only allow you to safely capture footage as you aim and/or when you take your shot. With AimCam being external from your firearm and being incorporated in a pair of shooting glasses you are free to safely capture much more footage not related to just taking your shot, this could include, loading your firearm, mount and stance consistency, training & coaching, the interaction between friends and so much more.

One of the key features of AimCam is its Wi-Fi capabilities. Use the Wi-Fi feature to live stream the video directly to your IOS/Android mobile device when in range (up to 20m). The live stream feature is the perfect tool for calibrating your AimCam camera, simply connect the live stream, take your mount, adjust the camera until you are happy with the line of sight and finally lock of the camera. The live stream feature is also ideal for coaching or simply watching your friends through their line of sight. No more looking over the shooters shoulders and second-guessing the shot. If that wasn't enough you can also instantly download the videos directly to the AimCam app and review in slow-motion.

With AimCam also being a pair of stylish durable safety glasses, you require no more expensive extra mounts for specific sports & activities. Simply turn on, adjust and play! The interchangeable lenses in the AimCam are all safety rated to Z87+, so you are free to use these on all ranges throughout the USA.

AimCam was initially designed for shooting and hunting activities, however, you are free to use it for whatever sports you see fit! Climbing, hiking, fishing, biking and so much more. Have fun and see it your way!

One year warranty.

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