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Bink’s Spoons are very attractive and realistic in appearance.
 The spoon is hand painted and overlaid with graphics which closely resemble bait fish. Then oversize eyes are added to give the spoon and even more real look. It has been documented that a predator fish will zero in on the eyes of its prey so it is reasonable to assume that the more visible the eyes are, the easier it is to for a fish to target the bait. The fishing spoon closely resembles a young of the year shad and when dropped into the water, it flutters from side to side while sinking, much the same as an injured shad. Any predator fish will hit the Bink’s Spoons without hesitation because of its striking resemblance in its look and action to a real shad. In most of the clear water lakes, impoundments and other bodies of water around the world including oceans and seas, the easiest way to find fish is to find the schools of bait fish. In the freshwater areas of North America, often these schools of bait fish are shad. When you find the “balls” of shad on your depth finder, you will almost always find fish holding under these shad. Sometimes these massive schools of shad will be in deep water meaning 50 feet or more and the only effective way to catch the fish without the use of down riggers is to position your boat over the school and fish vertical with a jig or spoon.

These jigging spoons are the highest quality spoons available today and are manufactured right in here in the USA.

1/4 oz Pro Series Spoons 
 1/2 oz Pro Series Spoons are typically used in depths of 15' to 30'.
3/4 oz Pro Series Spoons are typically used in depths of 25' to 40'.
 1 oz Pro Series Spoons are typically used in deeper water over 40' but are also used later in the year in shallower water when the bait fish are larger. 

Many Shad in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 oz only
Only Blue Metallic or White scale available in 3/8 as well
Free shipping on $25.00 or more

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