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Crawdad, Crayfish, Crab Trap Pot The TR-503 Spring Trap is ideal to catch bait, shrimp, minnows, crawdads and other fish so that you can use them for fishing or to eat. Check out all our Promar nets, traps and accessories. Key Features: Works on Minnows, Smelt, Shrimp, Crawdads, Crabs, Fish, Crayfish, and Crawfish Spring Pop Out Design - Collapsible Dual 5" Entrances Folds to 12 Inch x 1.5 Inch Bait Bag with Zipper Comes with Hand Rope Model Number: TR-503 UPC: 837508000627 Material: Polyethylene Netting Dimensions: 24" x 12"
Promar TR-503 Crab and Crawdad Trap

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