Earhardt Fishin' Stick Paragon 603

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Paragon 603 is 5' medium action. 1/4 - 3/4 oz lures.

These rods are designed by experts who actually catch fish and have the design quality that meets or exceeds any of the name brand rods on the market today.

Earhardt Rods are custom, quality rods, built, tested and approved by experienced and successful fishermen for fishermen before they are put on the market

All "Fishin' Edge" rods are made in the U.S.A. They are 100% graphite, hand wrapped, hand tied  The guides are imported hardloy guides for the use on our casting  rods. 

Every rod has the blank extending all the way through the handle to improve the sensitivity and feel of the rod. Each handle is made from imported Portuguese cork -- the finest cork in the world for this application.

The "Fishin' Edge" bait casters feature the Roberts Wrap, we call it the "Round Wrap". The Round Wrap guide system eliminates line friction, line slap and rod torque. Look at the picture on the left -- note that when the rod has a fish on the top guides are 'face down' towards the water. This eliminates the tendency of the rod to twist in your hand.

  • Eliminate line friction during casting and the life of your line is increased.
  • Elimination of rod torque provides for better hook set and more control over your fish.
  • Eliminating line slap increases the distance of your cast. Your cast will be more accurate and gain 15% added distance of each cast and pitch.
  • The round wrap guide system gives you all the benefits of a spinning rod on your casting rod blank.

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