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GLX is still one of the lightest, most sensitive high performance rods we make. It is noticeably lighter and more sensitive than our IMX and all the other lower modulus materials we use. It has been the cornerstone our product line for over 20 years. It's high modulus and high tensile-strength allow us to use as much as 1% less material than a comparable IMX rod creating a very dramatic reduction in weight and maintaining the same power. This year we have totally redesigned the GLX Series, using a new proprietary reel seat, split-grip handle configuration and Fuji K-frame SIC guides. The Mag Bass and Spin Jig rods in the classic actions feature full cork grips. Some of the tapers are new as well, improving the rod line across the board. 

Item #Model NumberRod LengthHandlePiecesLine WeightLure WeightPowerActionPrice
12122-01GLX 722S JWR6'A16 - 121/8 - 3/8MediumFast$410
12123-01GLX 782S JWR6' 6"A16 - 121/8 - 3/8MediumFast$410
12545-01GLX 803S JWR6'8"B18 - 141/8 - 5/16Med-HeavyEx-Fast$420
12544-01GLX 802S JWR6'8"B16 - 101/8 - 1/4MediumEx-Fast$420
12125-01GLX 801S JWR6' 8"A16 - 101/16 - 3/16Med-LightEx-Fast$410
12546-01GLX 852S JWR7'1"B16 - 121/8 - 3/8MediumEx-Fast$445
12547-01GLX 853S JWR7'1"B18 - 141/8 - 7/16Med-HeavyEx-Fast$445
12555-01GLX 892S JWR7'5"C16 - 121/8 - 3/8MediumFast$450
12556-01GLX 893S JWR7'5"C18 - 141/8 - 7/16Med-HeavyEx-Fast$450

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