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G LOOMIS MBR783C-GLX Designed for Largemouth bass, A two-piece version of our best all around bass rod. Fish small jigs, plastic worms, soft jerkbaits and spinner baits. It's super sensitive and you won't need a big rod tube to take it with you.

G. Loomis MBR783 GLx Mag Bass Rod

Length: 6'6" 
Power: 3
Pieces: 1
A good choice for fishing jigs and worms, as well as spinnerbaits, this rod was designed to fish bass, but anglers have discovered its versatility for pike and walleyes, as well as snook, redfish and other light saltwater species. It’s powerful, with a light tip, which allows for a good hook set, and still has enough power to move fish away from heavy cover. Also a great choice for soft jerkbaits, it’s one of the most versatile rods in our entire line. Talk to ten different anglers and you’ll hear ten different applications for it. GLx offers the perfect combination of price and performance.

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