Gamakatsu 02608-UV UV Octopus Hook

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Gamakatsu UV Hooks  
The illuminessence of a UV coating added to the world’s most popular, most versatile line of Octopus hooks. Upturned eye and forged wire design is a proven producer, so adding UV can only improve it. Every size for every species from pan fish to salmon is available.
Many predatory fish are naturally curious. Many times if something is out of place they will come in to inspect it. We see this all the time when guys drop cameras down to check out fish. The fish will swim right up to it and check it out.
Thats the idea with these types of hooks. The UV "glow" attracts them. Once there they find a nice shiner to chew on. 
 63% of the fish i caught were on the glow hooks vs plain hooks.

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