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The HydroWave™ is a patented electronic sound device that emits the natural sounds of bait fish and predatory fish feeding on them. Together the sounds produce an instinctive response in nearby predatory fish such as large mouth bass that can hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of the sound waves in the water. By doing so, the fish are drawn in the direction of the HydroWave more eager to strike bait. This device is intended to give fishermen a considerable advantage in catching a greater number of "keeper" fish.The expansion modules add new fish and bait attracting sounds


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Hydrowave now has 6 new baitfish sounds that will allow you to help activate the bass.  Simply remove the small door on the bottom of your HydroWave unit and insert the KVD or Crawfish model sound modules to give your original HydroWave additional sounds.  The Crawfish module includes crawfish scooting on gravel and sand bottom contours.  Our KVD module has 6 new sounds, that were influenced by KVD himself.  Below is a description of the sounds.  Picture shows hydrowave unit with the two available modules.

Power Pattern – I use this loop when I am covering a lot of water. The key to this loop is the delays in activity. These delays allow for a less saturating sound as you cover water yet still it creates a natural feeding activity with precise timing. Best results are when using a spinner bait, crank bait, top water or swimming a jig down a bank or isolated cover.

Feeding Frenzy – This loop should be used when the fish are in an aggressive mood and a feeding mood but not actively schooling. This is the loop that truly “Ignites a Feeding Frenzy”. It takes fish that are “on the edge” of feeding and gets them fired up and looking for bait. This loop is also very disruptive to normal baitfish activity. It takes a calm group of bait and makes them nervous because of the feeding activity and sounds. Get the bait nervous and the fish start feeding.

 Delayed Schooling – This loop was designed to imitate intermittent schooling activity. Schools that I like to call a “Wolf Pack” that is constantly on the move. This loop is best used at times whey you see a large or small school briefly pop up and then go down. It is also very effective in situations when single bass are sporadically feeding on top.

 Finesse – This loop is used as simply as it sounds. I use it when fish are not actively feeding due to moon phase, time of day, barometric pressure or other influences. This loop mimics the current environment that the fish are in. Sounds in this loop are active bait swimming in a natural environment. A lot of time I notice this pattern getting schools of bait balled up or swimming beside my boat. Typically, when using this pattern I am fishing with a spinning rod casting or vertically fishing a drop shot or shaky head worm. Remember, when using sound, sometimes “Less is More”.

 Ultra Finesse – This sound loop was developed for the toughest of finesse conditions a fisherman can face. Postfrontal, high skies with no wind are a perfect example. These are times that I want sound introduced but I want it in the subtlest way possible. These are situations where truly “Less is More”.

 Schooling Blitz – This sound loop is absolutely the most aggressive sounds available. This loop is the actual sound of schooling fish. These sounds include both surface and subsurface schooling. I use this loop simply when “The fish are Schooling”. These sounds will keep the schools fired up and closer to your boat. This loop eliminates the need for “Chasing the School” and hoping to get within casting distance.

Remember, “Mimic Your Environment” and don’t be afraid to “Change it Up”.

K evin VanDam

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