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The shaft is made from durable aluminum while the blade is made of strong polyethylene. . Features a two-hole button ferrule system. 6' 9" This is a great paddle
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    The Invincible Marine BR56002 84-Inch Straight Blade Kayak Paddle has a twin, molded, straight blade design that enhances your water catch and minimizes fluttering during forward strokes. The lightweight aluminum 84-inch shaft is oval shaped for easy gripping, and the black shrink grip is added for additional comfort. The grooves on the ferrule prevent sand and sludge build-up, maintaining a tight, trouble-free connection. This paddles works well for solo canoeing and pack boat paddling. Precision and reliability are the marks of quality that this product has proven time and time again, guaranteeing steadfast performance with each use.  2 piece


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