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"The Original" is our most popular KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor The three silicone suction cups will attach to any smooth flat surface. It is ideal for portable coolers and built in recirculating livewells. Available with Rule® 500, 700, and 1100 pumps. KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusion Systems KeepAlive® Infusors are new, revolutionary Oxygen Infusion Systems. GUARANTEED TO OUTPERFORM ALL OTHERS ! They might look like the competition, but their superior technology is completely different. Air is infused with the water at the pump impeller. The micro-fine bubbles produced, are sent gently out of the pump and into the livewell, containing life giving oxygen. KeepAlive® Infusors are specifically designed for delicate shad, greenbacks and white bait. The millions of micro-fine bubbles are so small that they remain suspended in the water longer thus providing more oxygen for your bait and catch. Our smallest model will aerate from a 5-gallon bucket up to a 55-gallon drum or livewell, gently and efficiently. KeepAlive® Infusors will virtually disappear in a mass of micro-fine bubbles when used in salt water. The water speed is controlled by it's Air Control Center to allow fish to school in a stationary position. KeepAlive® Infusors are available as a bottom infusor with suction cups, a floating infusor, or thru-hull infusor. Conversion kits are available to convert your Rule bilge pump or Rule livewell pump to the exciting KeepAlive technology! KeepAlive® Infusors are an investment that will save you time and money by keeping your bait healthy and lively longer than any other comparable aeration system. . . . GUARANTEED! Operates on 12 volts dc.
Floating model has foam flotation to allow unit to float at the surface and discharge oxygen rich water towards the bottom

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