Livingston Lures Pro Sizzle Jr

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Take A Closer Look At The Future Of Fishing

The Pro Sizzle Jr. offers a hydrodynamic body shape and counter weight system that allows for long casts and great surface action. Combine with EBS technology and you are guaranteed to catch more fish.

  • Lipless
  • Top Water Bait
  • 5/8 ounce
  • 3-5/8 inches
  • 200 hour battery life
* VERY IMPORTANT!  To ensure longer battery life, dry and store your
Livingston Lure in a secure place after removing it from the water.

Livingston Lures’ engineering philosophy is crossover without compromise; combining the details that count with advanced technology. Our engineers and designers work hand-in-hand, committed to the creation of a fishing lure that will elevate the angler experience. Scanning past the carefully handcrafted surface of our lures reveals the true artistry within as each lure contains advanced sound and vibration technology that is sure to create an underwater ruckus- convincing even the most stubborn fish.

Internal proprietary sound chamber mimics baitfish
    • Advanced rattles produce vibrations
    • Two-year battery life
Internal proprietary sound chamber inside this jerkbait emits the sound of an injured baitfish upon contact with water. Advanced rattles send out underwater vibrations as the lure is worked further increasing effectiveness. Internal LED red flash in the lure's eyes naturally fade in and out with the Electronic Baitfish Sound and vibration technology. Dives up to 14 ft. – ideal for targeting fish in shallow and mid-depth structure. Wide wobble is designed to go through cover without hanging up or compromising its fish-attracting action. Two-year battery life. Per each.

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