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Mihatchii Wide Bite Circle Hook

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ournament approved, the Mihatchii Wide Bite Circle Hook has the widest gap in fishing to help increase your hook-up percentage.   It also features a custom Bait Stopper to help keep your bait in the proper position, and avoid it being tugged or pulled out of place by snags in cover, short bites, etc.  Simply slide the stopper down the hook shank, and use it to cinch your bait in the desired position on the hook. It's as easy as that.  Available in multiple sizes at a great price, the Mihatchii Wide Bite Circle Hook with a Bait Stopper also features Mihatchii’s high carbon steel chemically sharpened needle point technology, as well as, a rust-resistant black nickel finish for lightning fast penetration and maximum durability (even in saltwater).

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