Flat plug (Legacy)
Flat plug (Legacy)


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CoPilot is a patented wireless remote steering system, designed specifically to work with Minn Kota PowerDrive motors
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With CoPilot, you not only get a clean, uncluttered deck, you get fingertip control, versatility, and the flexibility to cast and fight fish from anywhere on the boat. In addition to the snap-lock rod mounting brackets, the CoPilot remote can also be used on your wrist or belt. The Minn Kota wireless CoPilot is designed to use with the PowerDrive trolling motors. This CoPilot is equipped with a remote accessory that lets you control speed, steering and on/off on your PowerDrive motor. The unit comprises a receiver that attaches to the right side plate of the trolling motor mount. A plug is also included, allowing a corded foot pedal to be used in conjunction with CoPilot. The unit installs easily with plug-n-play design. This system is programmable to allow multiple CoPilot remotes and/or wireless foot pedals to be “learned”.


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