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3-1/4" Folding Knife, Razor Sharp 440A Stainless Steel 3-1/4" Drop Point Serrated Blade, Rust Resistant Non-Glare Oxide Finish, Liner Lock Design, Oxide Finish Stainless Steel Handle with Checkered G10 Handle Scale, Oxide Finish Stainless Steel Thumb Stud and Low Profile Pocket Clip.
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RUK0149BSince 1956, RUKO has supplied the outdoor & hunting market with quality value-oriented knives, tools and related accessories.

Under the RUKO brand – we manufacture a complete assortment of folding and fixed blade knives for hunting, sporting and tactical use. Adhering to our strict code of quality and value – we contract with the top factories deliver a product that you will be proud to own and that will deliver a lifetime of service to you.We have rigid quality control to ensure that each production is consistent with last to ensure that every blade is ground perfectly, that each bolster fits seamlessly, that each knife opens smoothly.All products are clearly marked for steel content and we use AUS-6, AUS-8, 420A and 440A in the majority of our production as opposed to the “400 SERIES” games played by our competitors.You can confidently purchase any RUKO product knowing that they are backed by our no questions asked – lifetime over-the-counter warranty.

1.  Roll the closed knife around in your hands.  The feel of the knife
with blades closed proves that any edges are smooth, the result of hand buffing all surfacesand edges.

2.  The backs of the closed blades are not sharp or ragged;  they are
smooth.The benefit is that closed blade backs will not cut a hole in your jeans pockets, especially when lifting heavy objects like hay bales.  The smooth blade backs are accomplished by "swedging" the blade, i.e. buffing with a cloth wheel and jeweler's rouge, a buffing compound.

3.  Open  blades.  Feel how smoothly and without grinding the
blades  open.  Buffing of the tang accomplishes this smooth operation.  Now slowly close the blades.  The smooth movement is called the "Walk of the Blade."

4.  As the blade gets close to the closed position, the knife spring forces the blade to snap into its locked place with a loud noise.  This is the "Talk of the Blade."   It is  nice and memorable way to refer to the hand work a dedicated manufacturer puts into his product.  It also proves that the knife will stay closed in your pocket so you do not ram your fingers onto an open blade when reaching into your pocket.

5.  Hold the knife closed and blades up and look down the blades.  You will see that the blades have been bent so they fit snugly together, narrowing the knife and making it more comfortable in the pocket.  This is called "cutlering" a knife.

6.  Feel with your finger tip the smooth finish of the brass liner on either side of where the blades, which are open, lie when closed. This is a hidden area many manufacturers neglect to finish.  That Ruko finishes them so smoothly is proof that Ruko offers the consumer an exceptional value, that is, exceptional workmanship and attention to fine detail at an affordable price.

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