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SEBILE D&S CRANKBAIT The Evidence series of lures
are created with great detail to accurately mimic the swimming
movements and distribution of weight and water of natural prey when
retrieved. Part Number: 666
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Sébile® D & S Crankbait

    • A floating lure that dives deep when retrieved or trolled
    • Special hook design lets you fish through cover
    • Engineered to increase hookups while making releasing fish easier
An innovative, deep-running lure with a snagless hook protected by a flattened tail. The design positions the hook so you can fish through fish-holding cover such as heavy grass, brush and rocks with confidence. When a fish strikes, jaw pressure raises the hook point to catch the fish’s mouth. Once hooked, the point lowers again under line tension and the lure’s flat end locks over the fish’s jaw, greatly minimizing any chance of escape. The use of a wide-gap hook also increases the chances of being able to release caught fish safely as well as their chances of survival. The lure’s large, sturdy lip can be held when releasing fish to reduce the amount of potentially harmful handling. At rest the lure floats. The faster you retrieve or troll, the deeper it dives – as deep as 28 ft. Per each.
Size: 2-3/4", 7/8 oz.
Colors: (061)Blue Althea, O4 Tilapia Red,       Brown Red CrawSebile® D&S Crank

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