Sebile A.T Worms

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Sebile A.T.Worm

  • Super tough plastic with full hollow body allows soft subtle movements

  • V shaped head means the worm glides or "planes" above the bottom when twitched on a carolina rig

  • Integrated hook slots make rigging very easy

This is not just one more worm. It works on all terrains (why it's called A.T.) and under all conditions. It has unique new features and benefits for anglers. 

First, the A.T.Worm's head is especially thick compared to the average worm, and it is hollow from its tail to its nose. The fact it is hollow permits the material to possess a certain kind of toughness and resilience that would not be possible otherwise. So the A.T. is tougher and really lasts longer than the average worm although thanks to the hollow body, the feeling and action is that of a very soft, supple plastic.

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