T-H Marine Oxygenator Pro Livewell Flush Mount

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The OXYGENATOR Pro Livewell Flush Mount will retrofit any boat with a livewell from 10 to 20 gallons and operates off the existing boat battery.

The OXYGENATOR by O2 Marine Technologies will keep fish alive because it produces the necessary component for an optimum living environment: Oxygen. Unlike aeration systems that pump ambient air (at 20.9% oxygen) through a diffuser into the water, THE OXYGENATOR uses a patented process to create 100% pure oxygen from the water itself.

- Generates Pure Oxygen... Micro and Nano Bubble Technology
- Totally Silent
- Solid State
- Light Weight & Portable
- Sensor System controlled
- Keeps Bait & Catch stress free
-Easy installation
-12V DC draws less than 1 amp per hour
-3-year Warranty

Please Note: THE OXYGENATOR is designed for FRESH WATER use only. DO NOT use the unit in salt-water applications. Use of salt or additives containing salt MUST BE AVOIDED. Adding pure oxygen to your livewell reduces stress in your fish, so these additives are not typically required. Non-salt containing additives are available commercially. Be sure to check the label before using such products.

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