1. Take One Minnow minnow scoop, no more wet hands

Take One Minnow minnow scoop, no more wet hands

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Guaranteed to give you one minnow every time, we believe this tool is an absolute for the occasional, avid or professional fisherman. It is constructed of durable plastic to last for years and years. It stores conveniently inside your minnow bucket or fits neatly in your tackle box. This product is and will continue to be the talk of outdoor shows, magazines and fishermen everywhere.

The "Take One Minnow" was designed to help all fisherman, from occasional to professional, bait his hook faster and easier saving time and allowing you to fish more. The TAKE ONE Minnow is sure to revolutionize baiting your hook and will eliminate using a net or submerging your hand into the water to acquire a minnow. When using a conventional minnow net, you scoop up numerous minnows when you only need one. The Take One not only cuts baiting time to a minimum and reduces the amount of dead floaters from constant physical abuse to your minnows, but it gives you ONE minnow every time.

Its versatile large and small ends allow the fisherman to use small or large minnows. On those cold days, your hands will stay warm and the amount of water on your hands will be reduced to drops. No more chapped hands! The professional that is racing against the clock for a weigh in or biting activity will appreciate its quick and consistent performance.

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