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Planer board
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Methods for Inshore Use:
1. You can anchor 50 feet beside a grass bed, place your bait against the bed and hold it in as little as one foot of water but
the boat is anchored in 10 foot of water.
2. You can drift in the inlets or sounds in shallow water away from your boat and the fish are not disturbed by your boat since
the Water Bug keeps it planed out.

From Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Blues, Sheeps Head or any game fish you target, Water Bugz Planer Boards expand your coverage and holds bait in the strike zone. There is no limit to the different game fish you will catch!

Order single foam or double foam.

Double foam vs Single foam.

These are one in same boards with the only difference being the double sided foam. The single foam board can pull live baits up to about 11inches. The double foam board will handle live baits up to 15 inches
Double foam can handle lead up to 1.5 ounces
Single foam can handle lead up to
1.0 ounces
Double foam sits up out of the water slightly higher therefore are easier to see but single foam will pull a bit wider because they sit lower and get more water on the board pushing it out( the difference between the two boards pulling out is very little but the edge would go to the single foam)

How big of bait can you troll?

Baits up to 15 inches

How much does one planer weigh?

2.5oz and it can handle live baits over one pound

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