Water Bugz planers Planer Boards (Pair)

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Water Bugz Planer Boards are a simple and more affordable alternative to outriggers. When using this side planer, you expand your coverage from the width of the boat to up 100 feet. As we all know...more coverage equals better fishing. Live bait fishing is most effective at less than 2 mph but Water Bugz can handle up to 3 mph. The slower you troll the more effective your live bait will be.

These bright orange planers will disturb the surface and act as a front runner with the bait typically 10 - 40 feet behind the board. With your wide coverage and separation of lines, you have the ability to turn 180 degrees in an acre of water. This gets you back to the action quickly.

Price is per pair

TACTICS - (King Mackerel,Mahi, Wahoo, Spanish, etc.)

The perfect setup is two boards per side and a prop bait. This simply is two boards on each side of the boat and one free-line in the center. 1 to 2 mph is ideal for trolling live bait. Baits placed 10 - 40 feet behind the planer seem to do best. It takes only a few seconds to attach a Water Bug. When a fish strikes the bait the planer board releases and slides down the line until it reaches leader or the fish.


Put your bait out the proper distance (10 - 40 feet) and place the line through the snap swivel. Squeeze the yellow clip and place the line in the opening (you may experiment based on your setup.) Your line placement will vary depending on size. Remember the rhyme 'yellow clip is closest to rod tip' and you will have it pointing correctly. The board is in the water correctly when the label is upright.

Reservoir Tactics

This technique works best for live bait and can be modified depending on how fast you troll.Run at just a slow troll just enough to keep your baits off the bottom. The technique will keep your bait near the bottom of the water column and the stripers that are in less than 30` of water are usually close to that bottom. Hooks are your choice but you will need size #7 split shots for this method.

• For every ten feet of water use one #7 split shot about four feet above your hook
• For every foot of water put one yard of line out

EXAMPLE- Fishing in eleven feet of water you would put one #7 split shot about fourfoot from the hook and you would let out thirty threefoot of line then clip on your planer.

EXAMPLE- In eighteen feet of water you would have two #7 split shots about four foot from the hook and you would let out fifty four of line then clip on your planer.

EXAMPLE- In twenty eight feet of water you would have three #7 split shots and let out eight four feet of line then clip on your planer.

Current, wind and your speed are the factors of concern. Remember if your getting hung up occasionally on the bottom you doing it right. If your getting hung up every time you get in the target area then either speed up or remove a split shot. A great spread is two planers on each side of the boat, one about 50 feet away and the other about 20 feet away.


Place your bait out the proper distance using the above formula. Place the line through the snap swivel and close it, then place the line in theyellow clip (do so by squeezing the center of the clip and it opens) just barely in the pad about 1/3 entrance. Remember a rhyme 'yellow clip is closest to rod tip' and you will have it pointing correctly.

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