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Red Craw

YoZuri Hardcore Shad Duel

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Duel Hardcore
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Available in a number of effective colors, the Yo Zuri Hardcore Shad SH-60 attracts strikes from even the most cautious bass.
The Hardcore Shad SH-60 features a realistic, highly detailed body design complete with brilliant finishes, including computer etched scales and gill plates, as well as, dynamic colorings and 3D eyes. Yo-Zuri's patented Tungsten Magnetic Weight Transfer System also helps increase the casting distance of the Hardcore Shad SH-60, while balancing the bait for a truer swimming action. The tungsten balls roll to the tail of the bait on casts, and on the retrieve the magnetic plate locks the balls in place to stop them from rolling freely and affecting the enticing action of the lure. Additionally, the Hardcore Shad's unique "flex lip" helps it reach its desired depth quickly, while reducing drag and also improving the lure's swimming action.

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